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nothing more than that and to the north and east, it might be a snowflake and right now, this doesn't produce anything. you get a bigger picture and it's not a nor'easter up the coast into the northeast, but this is definitely not a very strong nor'easter. a lot of snow has been breaking out this afternoon from new jersey and new york and rhode island and connecticut. looks like they could get two to four inches of snow and higher amounts inland and elevations. this snow looks like it's happening along the coastal areas of new jersey and staten island and long island right now and again, just miserable for them the way it's looking right now n. terms of the advisories for us, we're talking about up to into northern sections of baltimore county and hartford county and there is a winter weather advisory, very little if any
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accumulation there and i don't expect anything here. wind gusts to the northeast, 22 miles per hour and newark at 29. can you see most of these anywhere between 20 and 30 and you get an occasional gust into the 40s there and this is not nearly as strong as a nor'easter can be. and so, at least if we can find anything that is busy about this, it's not that strong. >> and thank you. you know, these kinds of driving conditions are very difficult sometimes and, in fact, the maryland state highway administration is warning drivers to be extra caution tonight. the administration reminds drivers to give yourselves extra travel time since this is central maryland's first winter weather o you can reps of the season. shawn. in new york and new jersey, people are still recovering from sandy and they're preparing for the worst. janice dean has the latest.
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>> reporter: the northeast catching no breaks as a nor'easter strikes the region and still dealing with the aftermath of superstorm sandy. philadelphia seeing the affects of the storm with afternoon snowfall. and new jersey governor telling residents to prepare for the worst. >> i can see us actually moving backwards. the people who have gotten power and losing power again and especially inland because of the. it could happen here and, you know, we're not going to know until the storm passes. >> reporter: new york city officials encouraging folks ravaged by sandy to seek igher ground while closing down all parks, playgrounds, and beaches in anticipation of the storm. >> the fdny positioned 20 ambulances and task forces with other equipment near potential
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flood areas in brooklyn, queens, and on staten island. we think we're ready for anything. >> reporter: major airlines also canceling flights in and out of the region. united and american both suspending service in the new york city area today and some other airlines asking passengers headed to the northeast to reschedule their flights for a later date offering to waive the usual fee for doing so. the nor'easter intensify throughout the evening and last into thursday morning, pounding the region with a mix of high winds, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. in new york, fox news. >> you can track the storm. download it to your iphone, ipad or droid. tonight with the election over, the focus returns to washington where there were promises of cooperation today and from republican and
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democratic leader. the nation is still moving towards that. after all the speeches, campaigns and all of those commercials, congress still has the same unfinished business that could risk thousands of jobs and plunge the debt crisis even deeper. tom fitzgerald is here and this appears that there is an olive branch being offered on both sides here, right in. >> and that is true. the question is if they can finally come together to settle some of these big issues that were put on the shelf during the election today, both sides pledge to work together and offer little in details on how they would actually do. that as election night drew to a close on wednesday morning, there were immediate calls of cooperation from both the victorious president. >> i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges that we can only
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solve together. >> reporter: and a defeated mitt romney. >> we look at democrats and republicans at government in all levels to put the people before the politics. >> reporter: when congress hit the campaign trail, it left unfinished business on the table. the democrats and republicans can't agree the country could fall over a so-called fiscal cliff. and that would trigger tax hikes and spending cuts triggers over 600 to $800 billion next year. democrats say the election is over and so should the stalemate. >> i am going to do everything within my power to be as copciliaitory as possible. i want to work together. i want everyone to understand you can't push us around. >> reporter: republicannings warning 53 day automatic sequestration defense cuts could lay off thousands of new yorkers, many in virginia. the gop blocked president
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obama's campaign promise to raise taxes on wealthier americans. new the house speaker john boehner said old differences should not block new compromise. >> if there is a mandate in yesterday's results, there is a mandate to work on the solutions as the challenges in the nation. my message is not one of confrontation but one of conviction. >> reporter: the big question facing capitol hill now is if the president's re-ish lick victory gives him new leverage with congress or if the same old tug of war remains. you know, while the president talked a lot on the campaign trail about raising taxes on wealthier americans, important to remember is the fiscal cliff we're talking about that would have affects on americans of all income levels, when you consider that it affects long- term employment benefits and working people will see a 2% hike in the payroll taxes. this goes across the board and
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time is running out. >> absolutely, no doubt they have to get back to work indeed. tom fitzgerald, thank you. let's stay on politics for now and over to virginia. >> that's right. in virginiava, 76% of registered voters turned out. some people waited in line more than three hours after the polls closed to vote. not only did the president win virginia, democrat tim kaine was elected to the u.s. senate. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: it was an exciting night last night nationally and in virginia. i thought i would share what my priorities are going to be beginning today. >> reporter: democrat tim kaine greeting reporters in richmond at his campaign headquarters, the day after the virginian elected the former governor senator. and what was traditionally a solid red state, both u.s. senators from virginia will be democrats. >> if anyone has a sense after tate -- 2008 that virginia going bluffs a fluke, last night demonstrated it's not, we
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are a true battleground state and both parties have to take our state seriously. >> reporter: he said virginia should be considered a purple state where republican george allen lost in what was predicted and turned out to be a close and costly race. $82million spent resulting in the second statewide defeat in seven years. >> after a hard-fought contest, we were reminded how closely divided we are here in virginia politically. >> reporter: virginia's republican governor is disappointed mit allen lost tuesday. bob mcdonald pointed out republicans won eight of 11 seats in the u.s. house of representatives. >> just like within a party or within a state, you will have divergent opinions. what i would say that the elections in virginia, like most states, are controlled by about 30% of the people who are independent. and they don't vote party. they vote person, issue, and what is best for them and their
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families at the kitchen table. >> reporter: voters across the politically divided nation kept the balance of power the same. the democrats controlling the senate, republicans the house. tim kaine said that that doesn't mean they want another do-nothing congress. >> if we listen to the voice of the electorate, they telling us over and over again they want us to worry together. >> and senator kaine will get that opportunity come january. bob barnard, richmond, fox 5 news. at balance of power in the senate nearly unchanged. the democrats hold a slide lead over republicans for 2013, picking up one seat giving them 51 members in the senate. the republicans lost one putting them at 44. there are two independents and three seats have yet it to be decided. missouri senator claire mccaskill will keep her job for six more years after defeating todd akin. mccaskill was in trouble until august when akin's comments about the female body being
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able to prevent pregnancy and what he called legitimate rape stirred national outrage. the republican party pulled support and urged leaders to drop akin, but he stayed on the ballot. in indiana, democrat joe donnelly beat mourdock who beat luger in the primary claiming that lugar was too moderate. mourdock put himself on the hot seat in recent weeks and believes pregnancies from rape are, quote, something god intended. the democrats picked up a senate seat in massachusetts. elizabeth warren defeated scott brown. he scored a huge victorine 2010 by capturing the seat held by the late senator ted kennedy. warren is the first woman elected to the senate from massachusetts. after a long fight, much playing out on the airways via commercials, another casino and a big one is coming to maryland. coming up on fox 5 news at 5, reaction from county leaders who stand to benefit from the gambling expansion. >> and maryland voters have
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also approved a measure to legalize same-sex marriage. you'll hear from a couple who will finally get a chance to tie the knot. >> and the political newcomer managed to oust this d.c. council member. we'll speak with him live about his plans after a turbulent year at city hall. gary. >> thanks and this nor'easter is staying fairly far off the coast to give us anything, but it's bring something rain and some snow and wind. a lot of it to the northeast. when will it get out of here? when will our skies brighten, and what are we having just around the corner? lots to talk about first in the forecast. don't go away. 
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. a shakeup in the d.c. couple following yesterday's election. david grasso bolt out michael brown for one of two at-large seats reserved for a non- democrat. the victory comes after a string of revelations about brown's personal and political finances. he wins the other at-large seat. david grasso joins us now. good to have you here, sir. >> thank you very much. good afternoon. >> since you're relatively unknown to our viewers, i thought we would start with a little get to know you. you're 42, an attorney, and live in a brookline neighborhood. fill in the blanks there. >> i spent, right after lawschool, i went -- and spent six years on her staff. when she retired, hi the good
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fortune of joining the staff of eleanor helms norton and i have been out in the private sector for four years now, from the district of columbia and i have five brothers and sister. >> family guy, you know your way around the council with your work with ambrose. michael brown's campaign, as many of us know, was undone by criticism over his personal finances, driving record, a reported hundred thousand dollar theft from his campaign and i suppose you would admit his problems helped you. >> and it was a big play in part and after what happened with harry thomas and kwame brown. we're ready for change on the council. >> you're joining a council that is trying to move beyond what could be described as a turbulent year resign in disgrace. besides council members doing
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the right thing and staying out of trouble, what needs to happen to change the public's perception of the d.c. council? >> well, you know, it's a big parter of my campaign, getting the public engaged and involved in the process. i think the more the public themselves step up and get engaged, the less kind of issues we're going have around ethics, and it's important for them to be a -- play a part in every part of the government. >> your reaction on question five on the d.c. ballot that was approved last night. the yes vote. gives the council the power to get rid of a member of the council for gross misconduct. big change in the current situation. the council pretty much has little authority to do anything. >> and i think those past, all three of them passed overwhelmingly again because of this, tired of being confronted constantly with ethics conflicts on the council. that one in particular is a high heardel to remove somebody and i believe you need five, six of the council to do it and
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as you move forward, it will be used sparingly or not at all. >> if you can in 15 secs, weigh- in on the speed camera issue the. the mayor wants to lore the fines. the council members feel like wait a minute, i am not sure how much we want to lower them. >> i think it's important, what has happened here the past few years with the speed cameras, you lost the connection between what is the good for the community and the fines themselves. i think we ought to continue to look at reducing the fines and the number of cameras. it's an important thing we're hearing from the public that we should respect. >> and i think this was a good get-to-know-you seg. >> absolutely. >> we look forward to hearing from you as you serve the residents of the district of columbia. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. metro riders will be able to carry a memento from the presidential election with them. these commemorative obama inaugural smart trip cards went on sale today in honor of
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president obama's re-elect. customers can purchase the new cards at metro sales offices at metrocenter and pentagon stations. and metro headquarters in northwest. northwest. . if you're planning to fly to grandma's house to thanksgiving this year, you won't believe alone. an airline trade group said travelers can expect to see busy area airports and full planes during the holiday. nearly 24 million people are expected to fly between november 16th and 27th and that is up from last year, expected to be 97% full, a record for the holiday. and looking live outside, would you agree this is the day you that felt the cold in your fingers. >> yeah. >> time for gloves now. >> it started coming in and i know probably some folks, not necessarily here in the region, gary, are concerned about the storm heading our way. >> where the storm is impacting to the northwest and that is pretty rough. again, i mean, for us, don't want to be misunderstood here, for us, this is a nor'easter
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light. it stayed far enough offshore that we're getting little if any impact and probably all we're getting is a bit of a gusty breeze at times today. clouds and an occasionally snowflake or a -- snowflake or raindrop to the north- northwest. let me show you the radar. we're not finding a lot here. a few showers farther to the south. again, it's very, very light and back to the east of us. mainly northeast and east. it's where we stand a chance that, a greater chance that you might get a sprinkle or later on this evening before this mews out and some something could turn into a snowflake and we'll show you all of the snow and this, again s pretty much what the forecast models have been predicting. the snow from philly on up the i-95 corridor. jersey shore and into new york as well and they can pick up two to four inches of snow. wind gusts are not bad and that
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is not anything to worry about here. 45 degrees, 39 for gaithersburg. you factor in a little bit of a breeze and temperatures in some places or most places feel lower 40s to mid- to upper 30s with the windchill values. again, a spring will or a flake possible at sub:00 and after that, looks like we're talking about clouds. the sunshine will return and that is something real, real nice around the corner. i will save that. i am out of time. >> and looking forward to. that. >> bring it on. coming up here on the 5, the president's victory, no big surprise. dominating headlines on the day after election. we'll have all of the details. >> and find out how president obama made history online. just moments after winning re- election. you're on timeouout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. . president obama's victory is the headline on the front
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page of every newspaper out today. fox 5s wisdom martin was at the museum this morning to check them out for us and he has details on the inauguration. here he is. >> reporter: here at the museum, the newspapers are all lined up showing that the president has won his second term in his bid for the white house now. and also, keep in mind that the inauguration is just 74 days away 74 days until the swearing- in simony that will take place in the steps of the capital overlooking the mall on the national monument and the west side of the capital. they closed some of that off to construction as they begin inauguration on that site. in september, the first sey meany to begin trip regions for this have already taken place again, the swearing in will take place on monday, january 13th, 2013. and they have a facebook page with all of the information
5:25 pm
involving the inauguration available to anyone who can get on facebook and check it out. that is the latest from the museum. back to you in the studio. when the race was called, president obama sent out several tweets to his supporters, and one of those has now become the most retweeted post of all time. as of this afternoon, the tweet, which contains this photo and the words four more years, has been shared more than 725,000 times and, guess what, you know it's a lot. it broke the previous record of more than 200,000 in 22 minutes and justin bieber held that title. >> interesting. the president topped that now? >> what a wonderful photo as well. >> that is true. coming up tonight, county leaders rejoicing after maryland voters chose to expand gambling despite a fierce fight from opponents. >> and the vote to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland is a dream come true. find out how their own children
5:26 pm
played a role in this historic moment. >> and recreational marijuana use is legal in two states. we'll tell but some of the other noteworthy ballot measures approved on election day. now this is a party. mmm. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. try a 3 piece combo for just $5.
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. tonight, the state of missouri is a step closer to another big casino. this one most likely on the shores of the potomac in prince georges county. voters gave question 7 a big thumbs up at the polls. fox 5s beth parker has a closer look at what it means. >> reporter: question 7 led to the most expensive political advertising campaign in the history of the state of maryland. the voters approved it and a casino will rise here on the site at national harbor. that is the most likely scenario. the county executive bake erstads firmly behind the plan. >> i made it clear from the beginning that i think the best
5:30 pm
site in this state is national harbor. it offers a chance to build a high-end destination resort that is not about table games and slot machines but economic development. >> reporter: baker joined montgomery a two saying question 7 passed because of a statewide perspective. maryland voters approved the expand of gambling by a margin of 52-48%. >> question 7 is a bad deal for maryland. >> reporter: it passed despite an aggressive opponent. penn national, a casino owner worried about competition. >> and fighting back against the negative campaign couldn't have taken place without a concerted effort in montgomery county and howard county to help push us over the line. >> i found it to be an absurd amount of money spent by the casino company to convince marylanders that what is good
5:31 pm
enough for west virginia is not good enough for maryland. >> reporter: penn national may push for a site in prince georges that it owns, rose croft raceway. the proposed mgm national harbor casino could bring in another $200 million a year to the state, $40 million of it in prince georges county. >> this is committed to going toward education that the mean will go toward education. the county executive would not have signed on if that was not the case. >> reporter: there is $800 million casino that mgm is planning can not open until 2016. at national harbor, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and one footnote, we reached out to pep national and no one returned our calls. site selection will be handled by maryland. and maryland voters approved ballot question 4 known as the dream act, allowing illegal immigrants in-state tuition if they meet certain too saysitions. the measure -- tuitions.
5:32 pm
the measure won with support. illegal immigrants must complete a list of requirements that include attending a state high school for three years and showing that they or their parents filed state income tax during that time. a maryland couple together for nearly three decades will now finally be able to tie the knot. all thanks to maryland voters approving same-sex marriage. matt ackland sat down with the couple this afternoon. i imagine they must be overjoyed? >> reporter: they were, shawn. today was a big day for those fighting for equality. voters approved gay marm by ballot n. wisconsin, voters elected an openly gay u.s. senator, tammy bald win. >> and that is carried for all 29 years. >> reporter: holding hands, sit killing much in love. it was no one 83 when theresa williams and joe began their relationship after moving to
5:33 pm
washington. >> 29 1/2 now. >> reporter: two are now in college. >> two of the boys voted in this election. >> reporter: it's a safe bet their son's voted in favor of same-sex marriage. it's something their moms have wanted and have been unable to do in a state they call home. >> we have lived in maryland for almost 30 years. this is our home, this is where we created our family here in maryland and this is where we wanted to get married. >> reporter: a convincing of major -- voted in favor of same- sex marriage. an opposition. >> it's been a long time coming. >> reporter: efforts were made, she said, to include everyone in the discussion. >> we crossed party lines all races and creeds, we had supporters of every level behind us. >> reporter: they admit it feels odd. planning a wedding after spending most of their lives
5:34 pm
together. >> who is going to be the flower girls, who can be the photographer? who is going to officiate? that is just somethings we never expected to be a possibility. >> never expecting it. >> reporter: thanks to the fellow marylanders, it's a dream finally coming true. >> it didn't seem real until yesterday. >> until last night. >> yeah. >> and when that was real. >> they had been thinking about a big celebration on their 30th anniversary next year. they think that that will be a perfect time to get married, shawn? >> matt ackland, thank you. other noteworthy ballot measures. voters in maine joined maryland in approving same-sex marriage. voters defeated a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage. washington state and colorado both voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana and in california, voters approved raising income taxes on people making more than
5:35 pm
$250,000 a year to help balance the state budget. and as we continue tonight, a cell phone company shells out some cash after forcing some customers into data plans they didn't want. >> and one day after the president wins the white house, stocks are firmly in the red. find out what led to the worst one-day loss of the year. f the
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. we're back now. at&t shelling out a lot of cash for forcing people into those plans. y that all for customers' -- offer customers refunds and give them a choice to restore the older plans. at&t said a computer error forced some into monthly plans after they replaced, lost or lost broken phones through insurance warranty policies. stocks closed with the worst one-day loss of the year. investors worried about the of and tax increases and spending cuts that could assault economy unless congress acts.
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at midday, the dow is down more than 250 points and continued until the closing bawl bell. wall street ended closing at 12,932. most of us don't get enough sleep. shawn, raise your hand. it's prove nip study after study n. some cases, you can chaulk it up to say a bad mattress, maybe too much stream time before bed. you have thought about your pillow? laura evans is here with a preview you will see only tonight on fox 5 news at 10. hi, laura. >> hi, will. >> reporter: every year, consumers spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to fix their sleep problem. a simple change in your bedding could be the answer to a better night's sleep. we're talking about your pillow. that can boil down to your head and neck alignment. there are so many pillows out there. buckwheat pillows, memory foam, sound pillows, swedish memory -- memory pillows, every body type and ailment and sleeping
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position and how do you go through them all and how muchmony should you spend? >> it puts my neck in a wrong direction and that is where my migraines start. >> and after that the support was gone and i had to stop using it and that is because i was getting headaches 15 and i decided to get another pillow. >> tonight at 10, we're going to hear more from bob and cathleen about their search for the perfect pillow and a sleep expert weighs in on whether there is a science to picking the right pillow. pillow talk tonight on fox 5 news at 10. >> and that is black a -- like a how to of buying our pillows. >> what about the pillow? >> yeah. >> and we can relate. >> i'm looking forward to that story tonight. >> you should have seen shawn off camera. she was like this. >> and that is me, my problem. >> thank you very much. coming up, we're going to tell you why police fear a serial fondler has struck again
5:42 pm
in northern virginia. >> and we're going to show you how folks battered by sandy are buckling down for a nor'easter moving through the northeast. >> and gary's back to tell us what kind of impact the storm might have on our area overnight. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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. here we go again. people in new york and new jersey recovering from superstorm sandy and are praising -- bracing for another storm tonight. some noonities -- communities are under mandatory evacuations preparing for a nor'easter expected to hit the region tomorrow. here's more in ocean city, new jersey. dave, we understand that it's coming down sideways out there. how bad is it for you? >> reporter: it's snow, believe it or not. it was snow and rain and back to snow, whipped by heavy winds, high tides here and that
5:46 pm
nor'easter bearing down on us. as flood waters rolled on to 16th street on the base side of ocean city, the streets that were barely dry nine days after hurricane send were of again underwater. >> and -- sandy were underwater. >> you can't help it. >> reporter: the homes along the bay and ocean city took a pounding from the high winds and high surf. just as hurricane victims like this person were coming to grips with last week's damage, this nor'easter moved in. >> and i am still here to talk about it. i'm healthy and i will rebuild it all over again. >> reporter: as the snow fell at the bay, trash crews were removing the wreckage from sandy while the street filled with the latest round of flood water. damage here was serious during sandy. the high tides whipped by high winds from the nor'easter will make matters worse.
5:47 pm
>> this is the price we have to pay for having a martini the summer time on the beautiful day. >> reporter: up on the north end of ocean city, geo tubes designed to stop erosion and prevent flooding were fully exposed. the downs that work crews spent days rebuilding were getting hammered. two to three feet of sand from sandy still covered some oceanfront properties. the nor'easter promised to bring more. >> hopefully it's not going to be as bad as the last one. if it is, it is. we're already badly damaged, so, it can add anymore. you have to take it with sprayed and that is what it is. >> reporter: folks are bracing to see what the water damage will be, along the bay front areas, the homes there and hopefully they don't get too much damage this time around. live in ocean city, i'm david, shawn, back to you. >> and you can't help but feel for all of the people. let me ask you, dave.
5:48 pm
what about mandatory evacuation airs? >> they're in the long -- area? >> they're in the long beach area damaged last week in hurricane sand -- hurricane sandy. a lot of folk comes here on the weekends and during the summer into the summer time. right now, the permanent residence in their home, still power outages that folks are dealing with and mostly, it's the water on the back bay areas. >> wow, and the gentlemen in your story has a positive attitude as everyone else. are they in this as well? >> he did. >> reporter: he felt he was lucky it was only possessions, furniture and stuff in his homes, no loss of life and he got out of this healthy. he's keeping his fingers crossed for the folks north of here in that long beech island lbi area and that area got pounded last week. the last thing they need is another storm like this. >> certainly are, our thoughts and prayers are with all of the folks in the storm's path. thank you for the update tonight. >> certainly sad that that same
5:49 pm
area is getting socked again. you know, had it not been for sandy, they would probably be laughing at the nor'easter up there and saying what? this is not a nor'easter. thank goodness it staid farther offshore and that is givead -- a good thing and that influenced us. no real threat of rain or snow or even a lot of wind there and the high tide with this nor'easter is not going to be anything like what it was with sandy simply because it was an astronomical high tide with a full moon for sandy and it's a new moon high tide, which is a better thing for them, to. again, this goes without saying it's a big-time nuisance for them and we wish them the best there. by tomorrow, this is a distant memory. hopefully, whatever kind of normal they have there, it will get back to that. it's been just a cloudy, chilly day for us. we look at the radar and we're still seeing most of the returns east of i-95 over for the bay. along the easter shore. annapolis, a few showers.
5:50 pm
there severna park and past serena and a couple of pieces across in the city. we're going to say there is a possibility of maybe an evening sprinkle or even an evening snowflake, not out of the question the next few hours around here. again, no big deal whatsoever. the bigger picture here as we switch on over. i want you to see what is going on up here. all of the snow and late this afternoon, the snow line started creeping from west to east. most of the shore now from where we just had the live report here in atlantic city, new jersey, all the way up to new york. they're expecting between a couple of inches of snow, probably two to four inches of snow for new york city and the borroughs there and along long island and back up into the northwest as well. the higher elevations here could pick up as much as three to six and again, the nor'easter is farther off shore and that is pretty good. still, problems all along the northeast coast line here and there is going to be a bit of a
5:51 pm
storm surge. the winds are 40 to 50 miles per hour and we haven't seen anything so far that has been up 60 plus. a few have made it up over 50 miles an hour and there is no doubt the high beach surf and most changing over to snow. along the shoreline there, they could have and that is a couple of inches of snow. along the coastal areas, we're talking flood warnings. i fly you here to show you what we don't . have a good day. earlier, there was part of the winter weather advise or extending into baltimore city and hartford county. that was just recently cancelled and there is nothing in terms of winter weather advisories for us or even across the bay for that matter and we get the colder stuff out of here and this means by the time we get to the weekend,
5:52 pm
we're talking sunshine and temperatures into the 60s. and the weekend is looking real, real nice. 45 degrees in town and a bit of a wind and martinsburg and fredericksburg feel like 30 degrees. the clouds through the evening hours and temperaturings dropping to 40 degrees or so. mainly clouds and this is a little bit overdone with the rain. it's not this bad, this particular radar imagery does that and as you would, we pulled the picture back, i wanted to show you to look at all of the clear skies into the central plains, a big ridge of strong pressure and that is pushing in for the weekend and that means good stuff for us and some future cast is showing you here and we're do sun-- into sunshine tomorrow.
5:53 pm
38 for a low tonight and with that evening shower or no-- snowflake not surprising me, sun and clouds tomorrow morning, we'll have a breeze on the back side of the storm system and that is gusty tomorrow and into the afternoon. the temperatures into the lower 50s and talking's beautiful weekend with temperatures in the 60s and i guess the big question is will somebody have 70 degrees plus on sunday? >> i hope so. >> yeah. >> and trying the thing -- . >> bring it on. >> veteran's day is sunday. >> thank you. >> and we're going to have good weather. >> there you go. >> and our monitors are small. >> thank you for your service. and check in with brian bolter and a look at what is next on the news edge six. >> you want to -- your day after the election. still concerns about voting issues and officials are investigating what was behind some of the long lines. and an upset for a longtime maryland congressman. we're going to talk to the democratic newcomer who defeated rosco bartlet in the sixth district congressional race. and then a drink debate that
5:54 pm
once divided a small town moves forward after the election. those stories plus we're watching that nor east or the news edge at 6. edge at 6.
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. there has been a nining case linked to the fondling incident in northern virginia. it happened in springfield. the police say on thursday, a woman reported that someone grabbed her from behind while she was outside of her home. she didn't know about the incident until she told a friend. once show found out, she called police. >> while she was disturbed about it, i believe english a bit of an issue and she was unfamiliar with how to make a report to police and that sort of thing. >> and this is a sketch of the suspect. if you recognize him, call police. taking steps to prevent
5:58 pm
crime at fort taunton park. there are two lights installed, on the short path between the and the ward 5 neighborhood nearby. they're temporary after seven muggings in that area. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton said it should be a priority. an apartment fire in ann arundel county left more than two dozen feel displaced. sky fox in odenton and flames broke out after 1:00 this afternoon in an apartment complex on kintore circle. took about 65 firefighters to get the blaze under control and you can see how bad it was. fortunately, no one was hurt and 12 units severely damaged. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and fire investigators are trying to find out the cause of another one. and this is in faremont heights. two people were rescued from the home. one rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the other person suffered minor injuries. thanks for joining us tonight at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts
5:59 pm
now. last night, it was time to celebrate, today, time to get to work. john boehner wasted no time calling on president obama to reach common ground of the fiscal cliff. meantime, president obama is moving, vowing -- vowing to move the economy forward. tom fitzgerald is live with the bipartisan battle. >> reporter: they were back at it quickly. speaker john boehner speaking out this afternoon on the looming issue less than 24 hours after president obama won re-elect. he said in recontribute days he will not support a increase on the taxes of americans including top performers. >> it begins to solve the problem, we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. what matters is where the interest revenue comes from and what type

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